Merwe Bathware


Merwe Bathware is an Australian family business who designs bath ware in solid surface, bronze, zinc and brass. Ergonomics and aesthetics are intrinsically tied together when developing iconic bathroom ware ensuring longevity in quality and design. Merwe hand pick their manufacturers with attention to detail and quality in mind, primarily focusing on the local industry within Australia. All our alloy basins get manufactured in Australia.  

the name ‘Merwe’

Merwe’s founders decided to use Merwe as their company name because:

  • Most noteworthy, Merwe is part of our surname,

  • moreover, especially relevant, a link exists between the name Merwe and water.

etymology of Merwe

Merwe translates to Merwede in Middle Dutch, according to Wikipedia. The Merwede is the name of several connected stretches of river in The Netherlands.  In medieval times the name "Merwe" was a continuous stretch of river. The name originates from the province of Zuid-Holland, part of The Netherlands.  Merwe is a locational surname and describes a person who lived by a "meer or mere". Merwe is an ancient word found in most of Northern Europe and describing a marshland. Read more:  http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Merwe#ixzz40EdP5PRw