Metal Basins


Arroyo Basin In Brass

size 440 x 135mm

The Arroyo basin is available in an Ocean (blue-green) and Classic (bronze) Patina.

Can be ordered with a matching mushroom plug.


Arroyo Basin In Brass

Large Round Brass Basin

The edge of the Arroyo is only 3mm thin however highly resistant being manufactured in brass, forming a larger washbowl inside while maintaining the same outer dimensions. This brass basin is available in Classic-bronze patina or a contemporary blue-green Ocean Patina. Every bathroom basins patina will be unique according to of the way the water and environment react with the metal. The Arroyo basin will unequivocally be the focal point of any bathroom.

All of Merwe’s products refer to different waterbodies.  According to

the meaning of Arroyo is “a small steep-sided watercourse or gulch with a nearly flat floor: Usually dry after heavy rains.”


Moat Basin in Bronze

size 435 x 138mm.


The Moat Basin is available in Bronze & Zinc.

Can be ordered with a matching mushroom plug.

Merwe_MoatZinc_PL copy.jpg

Moat Basin in Zinc

Large Round basin in Zinc & Bronze

The Moat basin is a round top-mounted basin able to fit any furniture. The basin displaying a sharp-angled edge in juxtapose to its continuous curved surfaces. When cast in bronze or zinc this adaptable shape transform and becomes reminiscent of a church bell forged in bronze or an ancient object from the past in the zinc alloy.

The meaning of Moat, according to  is a deep, wide trench, usually filled with water, surrounding the rampart of a fortified place, as a town or a castle. The designers of the Moat round basin though that the Moat washbasin symbolise the round space around a castle.


Cove Basin in Bronze

SIZE 540 X 380 X 140 MM.


The Cove basin is available in gloss and matte Solid Surface finish, pure bronze and solid zinc.

Can be ordered with a matching solid surface mushroom plug.

MERWE’S LARGE OVAL BASIN in bronze & zinc

The Cove basins sharp edges and shape define a modern appearance that asserts the aspect of its material. The sculptural form of this wash basin mirrors contemporary design, and as a result, reflects its oval shape in the reflection of the water, it embodies when brimming.  

Designed in Australia, Merwe supply the variety of materials in bathroom basins, to suit your requirements. To read about these materials in more depth click here.  

The Cambridge dictionary says that the Cove means the curved part of a coast that partly surrounds an area of water.


Tarn Basin Oval in Bronze

size round Tarn basin 410 x 169 mm 

size oval Tarn Basin 575 x 445 x 166 mm

The Tarn basin is available in a round and oval shape and is made in Silicon Bronze.

Can be ordered with a matching mushroom plug


Tarn Basin Round In Bronze

Hand sculpted basins in bronze

These sculptural pieces, feature indexical marks reminiscent of the sculpting process on the surface of the bronze that embodies the natural appearance of these basins. Cast using the lost wax process, together with the patina these basins will ensure a unique aesthetic aspect while the bowl rests firmly in the vanity the rim protrudes upwards framing the water when is use.

The Tarn Basins, are designed and manufactured in Australia.

Merwe’s products get named after waterbodies. According to Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of “Tarn” is a small mountain lake.


Loch Basin in Zinc


Loch basin in Bronze

size 532 x 397 x 130 mm.


Merwe’s Loch basin is available in solid zinc and bronze.

Can be ordered with a matching mushroom plug

Oval basin in Bronze & Zinc

The Loch basin has soft, effeminate lines. This basin reflects a traditional aspect of timelessness and flowing forms. Framed by a rounded edge the oval volume of the sink returns to a more classical style.

The Merwe bronze basin has a vibrant-aged “living colour” that deepens over time. Every washbowl is different determined by its environment.

All the alloy basins are manufactured in Australia and hand finished by an artisan and sculptor. 

The design of the Loch basins mirrors the curves of the Bayou bath, making it an excellent combination.


Wadi basin in bronze

size 536 x 275 x 140 mm

Merwe’s WADI basin is available in solid zinc and bronze.

Can be ordered with a matching mushroom plug

Narrow basin for smaller bathrooms in Bronze & Zinc

The Wadi basin is designed to fit in small bathroom spaces. Specifically, bathrooms where there is not enough space for a large basin. The boat-like shape of the Wadi basin results in an ecstatically pleasing object in the bathroom.  

We apply patina to the bronze and zinc basins to ensure a beautiful basin surface finish. With Merwe basins, you can get the same basin design in different materials.


Beck Basin in brass

Drop in basin in Brass

The Beck basin is a spherical drop-in bathroom basin with a unique ocean patina. This basin gets manufactured and designed in Australia. Furthermore, the patina develops in colour over time, as the washbowls surface reacts to the environment in your home.

All of Merwe’s bathroom product names refer to water bodies. According to Wikipedia, Beck means a small stream.

size is 430 x 135mm.

The Beck basin is available in Brass with the Ocean (blue-green) Patina and the Classic (bronze) Patina.

Can be ordered with a matching mushroom plug